List Weaver

Share lists.
Simple and easy.

Why another List app?

You may well ask "Why yet another list app?" Simply because we don't like the way the others work. They all tend to over complicate things and the list starts managing you rather than just being a simple, useful tool. Also, if you want to share a list with someone else they need you to sign up, create an account with a service and only then can you share a list with someone else. We don't like that so we devised a way that did not require any sign-up or creation of accounts. Bottom line, we've kept it really simple.

Share a list with someone else by simply sharing a link. They click the link and the list is shared! It's that simple, it's magic! When they make a change you receive a push notification of the change and your list is updated. Lists for your own devices are synchronized via iCloud.


  • Create multiple lists
  • Share lists with others, no accounts, no sign-up
  • Push notifications for activity on shared lists
  • Tags to organise lists
  • Powerful search
  • Priority category
  • Hide / display completed items

Who it's for?

If you are someone who likes reminders, priorities, categories, responsible parties, different colors, signing up to web services etc. then this app is not for you.

If on the other hand you want to easily keep track of things by just jotting down a couple of bullets but don't want to sift through emails and document to keep track of things then this app is for you.

It's free to try so download it now..... and if you like it, reward us with our innovative choose the price you think it is worth option.